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KITSW in Media

December, 2013

Superannuation of Sri. S.Adi Reddy

Yantraang'13: Concludes at KITSW

Yantraang'13: A Students' Technical Symposium began in the Dept. of MECH. Engg.

Flash Mob by KITS Students

National Level Seminar in the Dept. of CIVIL Engg.

Workshop on Composite Materials

Alumni Meet & Reunion of Silver Jubilee batch (1984-88) @ KITSW

Workshop on "Career in Automobile Engineering" at KITSW

Sristi-13:A Students' Technical Symposium began @KITSW

KITSW Faculty Sri P.Niranjan, Professor& Head, Dept. of CSE awarded Ph.D.

Press Meet by Sri. V. Rajanna garu, Vice President & Regional Head, TCS - Hyderabad @KITSW

Closing Ceremony of Parikaran-13 @KITSW

Inaugural Ceremony of Parikaran-13 @KITSW

Closing Ceremony of Technoplexus-13 @KITSW

Technoplexus-13 begins at KITSW

Technoplexus-13 at KITSW

KITS College hosts campus interviews

23 selected in campus recruitment drive on 29-11-2013

November, 2013

"Captain is my Surname" - Capt.V.Laxmikanta Rao garu

KITSW Faculty Awarded Ph.D.

15 Students were selected in Genpact Campus Recruitment Drive on 20.11.2013

44 Students were selected in TCS Campus Recruitment Drive on 15.11.2013

75th Birthday Celebrations of Capt. V.Lakshmikantha Rao garu, Secretary & Correspondent, KITSW.

National Education Day celebrations @ KITSW on 11.11.2013

The Valedictory function of FDP on "Micro Grid & Distributed Generation".

October, 2013

FDP on "Micro Grid & Distributed Generation" by Dept.of EEE on 29.10.2013

3 Detained Techies Create Flutter

IITM Outreach Programme

September, 2013

Freshers Day Celebrations

FDP on Recent Advances in Construction Materials by Dept.of CIVIL

Young Engineers

IEEE conducts VEDA-2013
Green Ganeshas at KITSW
FDP on Big:Challenges by Dept.of CSE

Sportive Spirit by KITSW

Overall Runnerup

Workshop on PCB by Dept. of EIE

Race Car

August, 2013

Workshop on Robotics by Dept.of ECE

Robo-Zest by Dept.of ECE

NPTEL Workshop

July, 2013

Eye Checkup Camp

Tree Plantation

Blood Donation Camp

Spoorti - Mounika Sharama

Spoorti - Nikhitha

June, 2013

District Level Badminton Competitions

May, 2013

Spooti - Appani Sudha Rani

April, 2013

Farewell to Final Year Students

March, 2013

FDP on Emerging Trends in DataMining & Its Applications by Dept.of IT

FDP on Advanced Signal Processing Techniques in Communication by Dept.of ECE on 23.03.2013

TCS Best Student Award

Sports Day - 2013

Sanskriti - 2013

February, 2013

Swami Vivekananda 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations

MOU with Fibre Glass Industries

FDP on DSP & Its Applications by Dept.of EIE

Spoorthi - Bhavana

January, 2013

CEO Connect

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